Educational Policy & Leadership Programs

Master of Education in Educational Administration
(with licensure as a principal or director of instruction)


Administrative licensure cohorts begin during the summer term. The application deadline for summer admission is April 15th. Students interested in pursuing course work toward administrative licensure should contact Rebecca Alt, Graduate Recruitment Assistant, at for additional information.

Program description

The master's program in educational leadership is designed to meet the needs of teachers and administrators who wish to complete a master's program and become certified as a principal or director of instruction.

Program handbook and forms

Courses in this program are designed to meet the standards for administrator licensing as required by the State of Wisconsin:

Program Learning Outcomes
Graduates of Marquette’s educational administration program can expect to be able to:

Required course work

The M.Ed with licensure is a 33- to 36-credit program for licensure as a principal or a director of instruction. The following courses are taken by all students in the M.Ed. licensure program:

The M.Ed. with licensure as principal requires these additional courses:

The M.Ed. with licensure as director of instruction requires these additional courses:

Portfolio documentation

Students seeking to be licensed for administrative positions must document mastery of the Wisconsin State Standards for Administrators. The courses in the master's program are aligned with the Wisconsin standards. Students will be required to develop a portfolio that demonstrates their mastery of these standards.


All applications for admission to the master's programs in educational policy and leadership must originate with the Graduate School. All applicants must have at least a baccalaureate degree from an accredited college or university, a Wisconsin teaching license, and some teaching experience.

Individuals interested in applying to the program should apply online at the Graduate School Web site.

SPECIAL NOTES: Apply as a master of education student with a specialization in educational administration. Be sure to inform the individuals you choose for recommendations that filling out the online assessment is not enough. They must upload their letter online.

Materials to be submitted for application:

Cohorts for the educational administration programs begin during the summer term. The application deadline is APRIL 15.

Applicants should make sure that their files are complete by the application deadline. Applicant files are reviewed comprehensively, emphasizing all aspects of applicants' backgrounds. Academic transcripts, test scores, letters of recommendation, statements of purpose and professional background receive particular attention in the review process. If necessary, the department faculty may request an interview before making a final decision.

Scholarships are available:

Teachers in the Milwaukee Metropolitan area are eligible for 1.5 scholarship credits each semester. This amounts to half-off of their tuition during the fall and spring semester (at one course per semester) plus an additional 1.5 credits in the summer.

Catholic school personnel are eligible for a tuition scholarship funded by the generosity of a private donor.

For more information on this or any one of our graduate-level programs, please contact Rebecca Alt, Graduate Recruitment Assistant, at or (414) 288-3730.


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