College Student Personnel Administration Program

Master of Education in College Student Personnel Administration

The Master of Education in College Student Personnel Administration (STPA) prepares graduate students for a career in a variety of student affairs settings, such as academic advising, career centers, student unions, international student services, multicultural affairs, orientation programs, residence life and student activities.

Marquette University’s mission as a Jesuit institution is to foster personal and professional excellence, promote a life of faith, and develop leadership expressed in service to others. The College of Education has a deep commitment to the development of practitioners who will demonstrate a commitment to social justice in their work. 

Why STPA at MU?

Learning Outcomes

Graduates of Marquette’s College Student Personnel Administration program can expect to be able to…

  1. Use appropriate student development, organizational, and environmental theories to analyze issues related to students and Student Affairs practice.
  2. Interpret and apply research to students and Student Affairs practice
  3. Apply leadership, organizational, assessment, and management practices to professional work in student affairs functional areas.
  4. Apply professional standards and principles of law, ethics, and social justice to student affairs work.
  5. Support the learning and development of a diverse student population.


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