Marquette 7C's Community Counseling Clinic Receives State Certification

Released: 3/18/09


A major milestone for the Marquette University 7Cs Community Counseling Clinic occurred recently when it was certified by the Wisconsin Department of Health Services for outpatient mental health and substance abuse services and day treatment substance abuse services. 

Commenting on the achievement, Dr. Todd Campbell, the clinic’s executive director and chair of the Department of Counseling and Educational Psychology (COEP), noted that, “State certification is essential to establishing our credibility as a health care provider. Not only does it assure consumers that we meet critical standards of care, it also opens the door to reimbursement from both public and private health plans.”

The functions of the 7Cs Clinic closely match the social justice mission of the College of Education and its COEP department.  Most of all, the clinic provides intensive training for masters and doctoral students in the treatment of co-occurring mental health and substance abuse disorders.  In addition, it serves as a venue for research in the fields of mental health and substance abuse, while offering evidence-based behavioral health care to the community surrounding the Marquette campus.

Dr. J.P. Mullooly, a board-certified psychiatrist and neurologist, leads the clinical staff, along with two licensed psychologists, Dr. Campbell and Dr. Terry Young. Three doctoral students, Marc Silva, Noah Adrians, and Matt Drymalski, serve as program coordinators, assisting in the supervision of 17 counseling interns and first year practicum students. Clinic operations are managed by Brian Shoup, Chief of Operations, and Coreen Bukowski, Assistant to the Chair of COEP.

Initially operated through a partnership with the Guest House of Milwaukee, the Marquette 7Cs Community Counseling Clinic was relocated to the Walter Schroeder Health and Education Complex in 2008. The clinic's new on-campus location strengthens its role as a teaching clinic and allows the COEP department to offer a more diverse training experience for graduate students. 

Dr. Bill Henk, Dean of the College of Education, commented on the importance of the 7Cs Clinic’s role, stating, “We want to develop the clinic into a premier behavioral health center as well as a cutting edge training and research facility.  Attaining this robust marriage of our teaching, research, and service missions will require a dynamic blend of clinical expertise, business acumen, and tenacity.” 


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