Join COED Team for Brigg's & Al's Run

Released: 9/24/09

NOTE: Team registration closes at midnight on September 30th

The College of Education at Marquette University will sponsor a team for the Brigg’s & Al’s Run, which will take place on Saturday, October 10, 2009. The team will give Marquette College of Education undergraduate and graduate students, staff, instructors, and administrators -- as well as their friends and families --the opportunity to support the health of children, get together with other members of the College of Education at Marquette and other educational institutions, and enjoy a walk or a run on a Saturday morning!

The team, which will support the work of Children's Hospital, is called ECHO—an acronym for Educators for Children’s Health Opportunities. You may register for the team ONLINE. Choose the “Register for A Team” option. The team name to enter is ECHO, and the password is EDUCATORS.

For details on the registration fees, prizes, and more information about the run, access the Briggs & Al’s Run website.

Registration fees cover only the administrative costs of the run, so participants are encouraged to get outside pledges.

You can also sign up for the team on this page, as well!

If you choose to be a member of the ECHO team, you will meet your with the team in front of Schroeder Hall at the 16th Street entrance, between 9:00AM and 10:00AM to pick up your shirt. Although we did not make the cut off for a special back print on the T-shirt (next year!), you will get a gold star to indicate your association with the Educators for Children’s Health Opportunities team! At 10:00 AM we will walk to the Run starting line on 12th and Wisconsin, where runners will start off at 10:30 and walkers will follow!

For more information (or if you have questions), please contact Linda Johnson-Dynek, Team Captain at 414-803-9937.


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