Marquette University College of Education Celebrates May and June 2015 Graduates

Released: 8/28/15

The College of Education would like to recognize the following August 2015 graduates.

Many congratulations to each and every one of these brand new College of Education alumni for a job very well done!

PhD level candidates:

William Caperton
Samuel Cox
Michael Fung
Jessica McClintock

Master's level candidates:

Megan Brodzik
Julissa Chavez
Robert Coburn
Stephen Fox
Rebecca Gleit
Kathryn Goerdt
Kiara Graves
Ashley Grayson
Claudia Hardie
Claire Hierseman
Jasmine Jolitz
Anthony Kuchem
Ryan Loris
Patrick McGee
Griffin Muckley
Elise Myers
Jillian Nolke
Brianna Pointer
Katherine Roach
Casie Sambo
Misa Sato
Joseph Schmidt
John Sivanich

Bachelor level candidates:

Arielle Huiras



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