Behavior Clinic Receives Funding from Faye McBeath Foundation

Released: 12/9/09

Marquette University's Behavior Clinic received word this week that, in addition to recent funding from the Brighter Futures Initiative, the Clinic will also receive a generous $30,000 gift from the Faye McBeath Foundation.

The Clinic, which is currently entirely dependent upon external funding for its operations, will use the funds to hire a full-time Clinical Administrator. The new administrator will seek opportunities to move the Behavior Clinic toward an outpatient mental health clinic model, allowing them to bill insurance/Medicaid for a portion of the clinic's services. Clinic personnel hope that the new revenue stream will increase the clinic's long-term sustainability, decreasing its dependence upon external grant funding.

For more information about the Behavior Clinic, training opportunities for graduate students and the clinic's research, contact Dr. Robert Fox at or (414) 288-1469.


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