CECP Faculty Member Presents Critical Research in Biopsychosocial Practices

Released: 1016/14

Timothy Melchert, Ph.D.This month, CECP faculty member Dr. Timothy Melchert presented a webcast entitled "The Biopsychosocial Foundations of Behavioral Health Care," in partnership with the American Psychological Association (APA).

The webcast provided an overview of the science-based biopsychosocial approach to conceptualizing behavioral health care. The complicated history of the field has featured a wide variety of theoretical orientations, whereas recent scientific progress has resulted in a very different approach to understanding human psychology.

In her introduction Dr. Cathi Grus, Deputy Executive Director for Education at APA, noted that "Dr. Melchert is especially well suited to address this topic due to his extensive experience as a scholar, clinician, and teacher" and noted that his consideration of the issues exhibis particular care and thoroughness.

Dr. Melchert has written multiple books, articles, and presentations (some international) on the subject of biopsychosocial practices -- a topic at the forefront of national discussion.

His most recent book, entitled "Biopsychosocial Practice: A Science-Based Framework for Behavioral Health Care" was published this past August by the APA.

The book presents a comprehensive biopsychosocial framework for behavioral health care. He lays out the essential scientific and ethical foundations of the framework and then applies it across the treatment process, from intake through outcome assessment. In doing so, Melchert provides a critical basis for the integrated health care systems of the 21st century.

This book is appropriate for all mental health practitioners treating all types of patients, at all levels of functioning, in general as well as specialized practice.

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