Marquette Counseling Students Shine on National Exam

Released: 4/21/09

Each year graduate studentsfrom the Counseling and Educational Psychology Department participate in the Counselor Preparation Comprehensive Examination as part of the requirement for their degree. This year, a group of 26 COEP students took the CPCE and scored one full standard deviation above the national mean.  This means that, as a group, they scored at least as high as 84% of all individuals who took the test.  In addition, every single counseling student scored above the national average. While the national CPCE mean is 88.9, Marquette Counseling students averaged a score of  105.15, where 136 is the maximum.  Although some MU students achieved superior scores that contributed to our higher average, the individual scores clustered desirably near the group’s superior mean score.   

“Any time a single student scores significantly above the average on a national comprehensive examination, it is a cause for joy, " commented Dean Henk, "So, you can imagine our delight and gratification when the average for an entire group of our Counseling students outdistanced the mean by such a dramatic margin. These scores are a testament to the excellent students we are able to attract to our graduate programs in Counseling and Education psychology, to their talent and work ethic, and to the extraordinary education they receive here from our talented and caring faculty.”

The Counselor Preparation Comprehensive Examination is administered by the National Board for Certified Counselors. Used by over 250 universities, the CPCE is designed to assess counseling students’ knowledge in eight major areas, including human growth and development, helping relations, social and cultural foundations, group work, career and lifestyle development, appraisal, research and program evaluation and professional orientation and ethics.



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