COEP Faculty Offer Advice to Dissertation Advisers at February Workshop

Released: 2/16/09

This February Drs. Alan Burkard and Sarah Knox collaborated on a presentation for the 2008-2009 Ph.D. Completion workshops sponsored by the Marquette University Graduate School.

Sixteen Marquette faculty from five departments (Nursing, Philosophy, Theology/Religious Studies, Counseling Psychology, and Biological Sciences) attended the workshop, which discussed the crucial role played by the dissertation adviser/chair.

The workshop allowed faculty to come together and reflect on their current approaches to student advising, as well as hear about research-based best practices.  Among the recommendations, faculty were advised to set clear expectations for the dissertation, take responsibility for initiating discussions to handle conflicts, and developing an adviser-student relationship that can withstand the ups and downs of the dissertation writing process.

Feedback about the workshop was overwhelmingly positive.

"I just wanted to thank you for the great workshop was great," commented Craig Pierce, Assistant Dean of the Graduate School, "I will be meeting with Bill Wiener this morning about lots of things, but the success of the workshop will be one of them.  One of the comments was that this should be required for all senior faculty!"


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