College of Education Celebrates the Class of 2010

Released: 5/24/10

The College of Education honored students at its annual graduation recognition event held on Sunday, May 23, 2010 at the Milwaukee Public Library.

The afternoon program included an invocation by Father Douglas Leonhardt with the keynote address given by Dr. Howard Fuller, Distinguished Professor of Education and Director of the Institute for the Transformation of Learning

Congratulations go out to each and every one of these new College of Education alumni for a job very well done!

Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science Teacher Certification Candidates
(May and August, 2010)

Angela Arnold
Allyson Blonien
Lisa Breitzman
Colleen Cary
Sara Champeau
David Christensen
Shannon Conroy
Shannon Cusick
Mary Eber
Alison Fagnan
Ashley Fahey
Nicole Flaherty
Aileen Gildea
Michael Greuel
Adam Hall
Michael Hennicke
Jordan Hoffmann
Monica Hopping

Lindsay Ives
Shannon Jackson
Kimberlee Karnowski
Catherine Kasten
Nicolas Kay
Christine Kehl
Audra Ketelsen
Kaitlin Kysiak
Brenda Litza
Anna Luberda
Steven Luhrs
Gianna Macchia
Lauren Matzkin
Endia McWhorter
Katharine Moss
Nicole O'Donnell
Adrienne Orlich
Nicole Palank

Katarzyna Panek
Harshal Patolia
Elaine Petricca
Thomas Petullo
Julie Praxmarer
Jennifer Richardt
Colleen Rooney
Kendra Rovens
Austin Ryan
Carrie Schmid
Nina Shully
Rebecca Simo
Sarah Slane
Mary Kate Stinn
Matthew Watson
Patrick Winters
Margaret Mary Zirngibl
Anne Zurkowski

Master of Education Candidates, Educational Policy & Leadership
(May and August, 2010)

Kathleen Andreoni
Lauren Beckmann
Ramona Bowie
Jill Fischer
Edward Foy
Laura Furey
Laura Gutierrez
Jennifer Haluzak

Stephen Hamilton
Matthew Harmon
Melodie Hessling
Julie Kadrich
Jessica May
Kathleen McClain
Catherine Morrell

Amanda Mueller
Brenda Nelson-Schleifer
Doris Osterhaus
Adrienne Ridgeway
Jeremy Rubin
Lori Suarez
Lisa Walker

Master of Arts Candidates, Educational Policy & Leadership

Beth Badura
Ryan Krienke

Vanessa Sowinski

Sr. Carol VanDenHemel

Administrative Certification Candidates, Educational Policy & Leadership

Kathleen Erdman

John McGowan

Master of Arts Candidates, Counseling and School Counseling
(May and August, 2009)

Jonathan Bartelt
Meagan Basilius Schultz
Ede Bischoff Franchi
Ramona-Marie Bitanga
Ashley Bowers
Caryn Brakenridge
Joanna Brooks
Emily Brown
Christina Burek
Rebekah Chee
Cheryl Crawford
Sara DeBruin
Jazmen Fair

Laci Jones
Amanda Kubokawa
Alison LaFollette
Sarah Learst
Brittany Gresl
Sarah Linstead
Genevieve Maliszewski
Megan Moran
Peter Mullican
Diane O'Donnell
Maria Olearczyk
Amber Ottaway
Shawna Picard

Jeffrey Poterucha
Maura Rouse
Margaret Ryan
Andrea Schenkoske
Maureen Positano
Christine Schulz
Justin Sokol
Lucia Stubbs
Linn Visscher
Eva Wenzler
Amelia Wessel
Annette Wilson
Lisa Youngvorst

Doctor of Philosophy Candidates
Counselor Education & Counseling Psychology

Sandra Adams
“Neuropsychological Functioning and Attrition Rates in Outpatient Substance Dependence Treatment”
Dr. Todd Campbell, Dissertation Committee Chair

Sara Hegerty
“The Neuropsychological Functioning of Men Residing in a Homeless Shelter”
Dr. Todd Campbell, Dissertation Committee Chair

Casey Holtz
“Screening of Behavior Problems in Young Children from Low-Income Families:
The Development of a New Assessment Tool”
Dr. Robert Fox, Dissertation Committee Chair

Sr. Maria Clara Kreis 
“Assessment of Life Satisfaction in Apostolic Women Religious:
The Development of a New Instrument”
Dr. Rebecca Bardwell, Dissertation Committee Chair

Doctor of Philosophy Candidates
Educational Policy & Leadership

Terese Brecklin
“Data-Driven Decision-Making:
A Case Study of How a School District Uses Data to Inform Reading Instruction”
Dr. Lauren Leslie, Dissertation Committee Chair

Gregory Frederick
“Learning With and Because of Each Other:
A High School Art Portfolio Class as a Community of Practice”
Dr. Robert Lowe and Dr. Heidi Schweizer, Dissertation Committee Co-Chairs

Nancy Stevens
“The Balkanization of the High School Reading Specialist: Searching for an Identity”
Dr. William Pink, Dissertation Committee Chair



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