College of Education Celebrates the Class of 2011

Released: 5/23/11

The College of Education honored students at its annual graduation recognition event held on Sunday, May 22, 2011 at Centennial Hall at the Milwaukee Public Library.

The afternoon program included an invocation by Father Douglas Leonhardt with the keynote address given by Dr. Heidi Ramirez, Chief Academic Officer, Milwaukee Public Schools.

Congratulations go out to each and every one of these new College of Education alumni for a job very well done!

Bachelor of Science Teacher Certification Candidates
(May and August, 2011)

Caitlin Biarnesen
Amanda Boekeloo
Kristin Brehm
Marie Browne
Nicole Burr
Alan Cameron
Renee Carpenter
Carolyn Collins
Caitlin Dee
Michael Derrick
Colin Dillon
Elizabeth Fincher
Deborah Forrest
Kevin Gleeson

Courtney Green
Jennifer Grossmayer
John Hamilton
Kaitlyn Hill
Amy Hollendoner
Patrick Johnson
Laura Lachky
Amanda Longo
Britni Maki
Rosie Malone-Povolny
Bridget McElroy
Patrick Mitoraj
Megan Morman
Robert Nicoletti

Emily Ogden
Anthony Rosati
Caroline Schnecke
Nathan Schultz
Kelly Schuster
Elizabeth Siebenlist
Anna Solger
Bridget St. Peter
Jordan Thornquist
Nicole Ward
Margaret Weber
Eric Wolffersdorff
Nicholas Wycklendt

Master of Education Candidates, Educational Policy & Leadership
(May and August, 2010)

Foluke Akanni
Sara Bartolotta
Steven Bode
Natalie Bodmer
Emma Bradley
Joseph Cartwright
Andrew Daramola
Robert Douthitt
Melissa  Econom
Stephanie Fakharzadeh
Erin Fitzgerald
Megan Fitzgerald

Cecilia Glass
Staci Hamilton
Michael  Karolewicz
Rodney Lynk, Jr.
Ryan Manning
Franz Meyer
Jonathan Moe-Lobeda
Amanda Mueller
Charonda Newton
Michael  Nguyen
Sarah Olejniczak
Chelsea Prochnow

Joseph Rhoades
Abbey Rusch
Thomas Schalmo
Kathryn  Trulley
Anthony Van Asten
Sarah Vester
Erin Wahlheim
Abigail Wiegel
Jenna Williams
Margaret Zimmer

Master of Arts Candidates, Educational Policy & Leadership

Aileen Aragones
Luke Garceau

Joshua Knox
Sandra Rath

Christine Reinders
Erica Zunac

Master of Arts Candidates, Counseling and School Counseling
(May and August, 2009)

Brittany DeKoch
Caitlin Mroz
Suzanne Ceplina
Suzanne Donoval
Brit Doty
Justin Grady

Chelsea Hathorn
Sarah Hudson
Kip Kussman
Gina Leonardelli
Laurie Nelson
Jeremy Schumacher

Allison Schwaab
Sarah Skytte
Beula Sundararajan
Katherine Teske
Rachel Theune

Master of Science Candidates, Clinical Mental Health Counseling

Sara Balint
Katherine Becker
Anna Holly

Laura Milliken
Sarah Nichols
Jaimie Simon

Stacy Trinastic
Jesse Wynn

Doctor of Philosophy Candidates
Counselor Education & Counseling Psychology
(January, May, and August 2011)

Noah Adrians
"Current Practices and Optimal Futures for the Treatment of Substance
Use Disorders through Client-Treatment Matching: A Delphi Study"
Dr. Todd Campbell, Dissertation Committee Chair

Brittany Barber
“The Impact of Latino Family Variables on the Sexual Activity of Latino Adolescents:
A Mixed-Methods Dissertation Study”
Dr. Lisa Edwards, Dissertation Committee Chair

Jennifer Carrasco
"The Impact of Treatment Intensity on a Parent and Child Therapy Program"
Robert Fox, Ph.D., Dissertation Committee Chair

Angela Fleck
“Is Institutional Sexual Misconduct Predictive of
Sexual Recidivism Amongst Male Sex Offenders?”
Dr. Alan Burkard, Dissertation Committee Chair

Ana Garcia
 "Predicting Graduation in High School Seniors from Protective and Other Factors"
Dr. Rebecca Bardwell, Dissertation Committee Chair

Keyona Jarrett
“The Influences of Acculturation, Marianismo and Ethnic Identity
on Sexual Activity among Latina Adolescents”
Dr. Lisa Edwards, Dissertation Committee Chair

Julie Janecek
"Language Outcome after Left Temporal Lobectomy in Patients with
Discordant fMRI and Sodium Amobarbital Testing Results"
Dr. Alan Burkard, Dissertation Committee Chair

Doctor of Philosophy Candidates
Educational Policy & Leadership

Pinna Rea Katz
“Becoming Culturally Competent:
Clinical Service Learning in Physician Assistant Education”
Dr. William Pink, Dissertation Committee Chair

Robert Thomas
“Historical Implications of the Black Civil Rights Movement
Prior to the Brown Decision on Legislation for the Disabled”
Dr. William Pink, Dissertation Committee Chair



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