College of Education Celebrates the Class of 2009

Released: 5/18/09

The College of Education honored 99 students at its annual graduation recognition event held on Saturday, May 16, at the Weasler Auditorium.

The afternoon program included an invocation by Father Jeffrey LaBelle, Assistant Professor in the Department of Educational Policy and Leadership, with the keynote address given by Women's Basketball Coach, Terri Mitchell.

Congratulations go out to each and every one of these new College of Education alumni for a job very well done!

Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science Teacher Certification Candidates

(May and August, 2009)

Cherise Beardsley

Dana Bellich

Brianne Boland

Michael Bolz

Kimberly Casey

Elizabeth Craig

Andrea Davis

Rachel Dool

Sarah Garske

Michelle Gautreaux

Kristina Gehrke

Jennifer Gieger

Kelly Hogan

Joshua Jocham

Sarah Kuchta

Megan Kuczmarski

Mary Laird

Kayla Lemerond 

Amanda Lloyd

Elizabeth McCormack

Nicholas McDaniels

Stephen McDonald

Kerry McGrath

Emily Paprocki

Alex Pitrof

Andrew Simmons

Hillary Stevenson

Mary Stillo

Andrea Tomaselli

Johanna Troedsson French

Meghan VanHoegarden

William Waychunas

Micaela Williams

Julie Wojtowicz


Master of Education Candidates, Educational Policy & Leadership

(May and August, 2009)

Nancy Castignetti

Jennifer Denten

Lindsay DiPietro

Alissa Ewer

Joseph Heinecke, Jr.

Tara Huss

Stephanie LaGue

Vanessa Mann

Wendy Merkousko

Sarah Perkins

Katie Press

Angela Rieves

Erin Shaffer

Laura Stark

Molly Thompson

Elizabeth Van Lysal


Master of Arts Candidates, Educational Policy & Leadership 

Kathryn Baganz

Kathleen Geraty Evans

Daniel Goetz

Cassandra Hanson

Mark Matthias


Michelle Meissner

Victoria Shaw

Michelle Tandetzke

Kelly Melnik Vance

Administrative Certification Candidates,

Educational Policy & Leadership

Yolanda Tynes-Allison


Master of Arts Candidates, Counseling and School Counseling

(May and August, 2009)

Heather Becker

Ami Bedi

Christopher Borden

Robert Bouley

Taylor Brooks

Robert Ewanio

Chasidy Faith

Natalie Ferris

Elizabeth Glende

Amy Gleysteen

Caitlin Gorman

Carolyn Gosz

Michael Gutzwiller

Joleen Haase

John Horn

Emily Jiles Kleist

Melissa Jones

Amy Kowalski


Sarah Landsness

Michael Martinez

Ryan Mattek

Shirley Newcomb

Amy Orecchia

Elizabeth Para

Michelle Parisot

Stephanie Perry

Kurt Peterson

John Jayson Rodriguez

Joshua Sabin

Amanda Schmitt

Claire Stangl

Philip Stollenwerk

Jacinta Taylor

Kelly Thon

Steven Vaughan

Ashley Wright



Doctor of Philosophy Candidates

(Dissertation Titles Included)

Kathryn Keller

Counseling Psychology

"Barriers to Treatment Completion in Low Income Families of Young

Children with Behavior Problems"

Dr. Robert Fox, Dissertation Committee Chair


Margaret Klopfer

Educational Psychology

 “Examining the Effectiveness of a Multiple Antecedent Intervention

for Increasing Secure Infant Attachment”

Dr. Timothy Melchert, Dissertation Committee Chair


Michele Korb

 Educational Policy & Leadership

"Investigating Changes in Knowledge Frameworks Among High School

 Students Regarding the Central Dogma of Biology"



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