Education Students Participate in Hunger Clean-up

Released: 4/20/09

On Saturday, April 18th, 21 undergraduate and graduate students from the College of Education joined together for the first annual College of Education Hunger Clean-Up Team. 

Participants met at The Gathering at St. James Church near Marquette's campus and enjoyed a beautiful spring day of outdoor grounds clean-up. Indoor activities including feeding the hungry during the lunch service, moving furniture, and giving rooms a fresh coat of paint. 

The idea for the collaborative event stemmed from student organization leaders, Angela Rieves and Nick Daniels, who thought College of Education students should try working together on a service project.

"Our programs don't work together often enough," said Angela Rieves, "but as a College Student Personnel student, I think it's important. Our program is sometimes isolated from the teacher education program, but we need to have a better understanding of K-12 schooling since that's where our college students come from!"

The team enjoyed working together to serve The Gathering and participate in the 10th Anniversary of Hunger Clean-Up.

Participating students:

Elizabeth Alexander

Jill Braun

Michael Derrick

Deborah Forrest

Laura Furey

Kristen Graf

Amy Hollendoner

Laura Lachky

Jessica May

Nick McDaniels

Meghan McDonough

Bridget McElroy

Wesley Schaff

Kelly Schuster

Katie Meyer (plus her 2 brothers)

Michela Ortega

Angela Rieves




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