Fr. LaBelle's New Book Discusses Key Issues Surrounding Catholics in Contemporary Society

Released: 11/2/09

Being Catholic in a Changing WorldAccording to the 2008 Pew Landscape Survey, while nearly one in three Americans were raised Catholic, fewer than one in four describe themselves as Catholic today. Given that disappointing landscape, what does it really mean to be a Catholic in our post-9/11 world?

Fr. Jeffrey LaBelle's new book tackles the tough questions facing Catholicism in contemporary Society -- and seeks to inspire those looking for peace and meaning in a changing landscape.

"Being Catholic in a Changing World," a collaborative work written by Fr. Labelle and colleague Fr. Daniel Kendall, is a comprehensive historical text that traces the history of the church from ancient times through the 1960's to illuminate the struggles facing Catholics throughout history and engage those looking for meaning in today's world.

The book is now available through and other online booksellers.


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