Dr. Timothy Melchert Appointed as Assistant Vice Provost for Graduate Programs

Released: 4/14/09

The College of Education is pleased to announce that  Dr. Timothy Melchert will be joining the Graduate School as the new Assistant Vice Provost for Graduate Programs beginning this summer.  He replaces John Karkheck who held the position for five years and will be returning to the Physics department. 

Dr. Melchert will be working half-time for COEP and half time for the Graduate School.  In his capacity as Assistant Vice Provost, he will be involved in a wide range of activities geared toward assisting graduate students and programs across the university.  Dr. Melchert will coordinate the review of graduate degree programs, assist with policy development and implementation, and support graduate students, academic departments, and university administrators in meeting their goals.  

"I see great value and potential in graduate education at Marquette," said Dr. Melchert, "and I am very pleased to be given the opportunity to help support our graduate students and our graduate programs in reaching their goals."

"His experience and skills as an administrator will be extremely valuable to the operation of the Grad School," says Dean Bill Henk, "Dr. Bill Wiener has worked with him closely the past few years and is absolutely delighted to have his services. This is a fine opportunity for Dr. Melchert, and we’re pleased that we will still benefit from having a claim to half of his time."


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