College of Education Honors Students, Alumni, and Friends at 2015 Mission Recognition Event

Released 4/22/15

The following individuals were honored at the College of Education Mission Recognition Event on the evening of Tuesday, April 21, 2015.

Student Awards

Student Awards recognize pre-service teachers and graduate students who demonstrate not only academic excellence, but also a commitment to social justice and leadership expressed in service to others.

Outstanding Elementary Pre-Service Teacher
Jacob Daggett
Caitlin Ann Hauerwas

Outstanding Secondary Pre-Service Teacher
Margaret Jordan            

Outstanding Counselor Education and Counseling Psychology Masters Student
Kara Dianne Pierce          

Outstanding Counselor Education and Counseling Psychology Doctoral Student
Meghan Butler

Outstanding Educational Policy & Leadership Graduate Student
Connie Humann 


Cooperating Teachers

The Cooperating Teachers Award recognizes outstanding professionals in the field who model excellence and live the ideals of magis and cura personalis in their work with our pre-service teachers.

Cooperating Teacher
John Edward Lyons               


Outstanding Lecturer

Outstanding Lecturer Awards recognize adjunct faculty members who excel as teachers of our undergraduate or graduate students and live out a commitment to social justice.                                      

Outstanding EDPL Faculty Lecturer Award
Margaret M. Cinto

Outstanding CECP Faculty Lecturer Award
Sharon Ronco                                               


Recent Graduates - Living the Mission

Living the Mission Awards recognize recent graduates who reflect the mission of the College of Education by acting as change agents in their community.

Counselor Education and Counseling Psychology:  Living the Mission
Dr. Lynn Catlin

Educational Policy & Leadership:  Living the Mission
Bill Waychunas


Human Services Partner

The Human Services/Foundation Partner Award recognizes collaborative community partners with whom we share the resources, rewards, and risks associated with serving the community and advancing the field of education and mental health.

Rogers Memorial Hospital Day Treatment Program


Marquette University Partner Award

The Marquette University Partner Award recognizes an individual or department for exemplary efforts in support of the College of Education and its social justice mission.

Center for Teaching and Learning - Service Learning


Wisconsin Association of Colleges of Teacher Education Awards

Wisconsin Association of Colleges of Teacher Education (WACTE) awards recognize outstanding educators and their professional contributions to the field of education.

WACTE Teacher Educator-Mentor
Christine Lemon

WACTE Early Educator
Vincent Gaa


Dean's Education Advocacy Award

The Education Advocacy Award recognizes individuals who make significant or systemic contributions to the local, state, or national education landscape through their work. 

The Ramirez Family
Dr. Tony Evers


Dean's Faculty Excellence Award

The Dean’s Faculty Excellence Award recognizes tenure track faculty members who excel at teaching, research, and service or whose performance in any of these areas is especially significant.  

Jody Jessup-Anger, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor, Educational Policy and Leadership



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