Academic Senate Approves New STEM Major

Released: 11/20/09

This week, the University Academic Senate approved a new major in STEM education.
The major, “science, technology, engineering and mathematics education,” will be limited to students in the Noyce Scholars program, a federally funded program that prepares students to teach in high-need middle and high schools. The education major will be in addition to a student’s primary major in one of the STEM fields.

This Noyce Scholars program will include intensive field experiences integrated with classroom instruction through a partnership between Marquette’s College of Engineering and Helen Way Klingler College of Arts and Sciences and the teacher preparation program in Marquette’s College of Education. In addition to these teaching co-operative education experiences, Noyce Scholars will participate in project-based learning activities during summer community outreach programs.

The Noyce Scholar Program also builds off Marquette’s existing partnerships with local schools, including Brown Deer High School, Dominican High School, Messmer High School, Milwaukee High School of the Arts, Rufus King High School, South Milwaukee High School, Fritsche Middle School and South Milwaukee Middle School.

"Our Noyce Scholar’s program represents a timely step in our efforts to meet the vital need for STEM teachers locally and nationally," said College of Education Dean William Henk. "It blends the strengths of three exceptional academic units, using a developmentally appropriate model that moves future educators from the awareness stage to apprenticeship, immersion, and mastery."


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