COED Dean Assists with Scholarship Funding Efforts

Updated 12/14/09

Listen HERE to catch Dean Henk's Interview with Steve "The Homer" True.

Released: 12/8/09

What does it take to go to college in 2009?

It takes hard work. Determination. Commitment. And, in this tough economic climate, it often takes serious scholarship dollars to bring the dream of a college of education home for promising students.

College of Education Dean, Bill Henk, knows this first-hand, and is spreading this message on-line and over the airwaves.

“My family’s financial situation would NEVER have permitted me to go to college,” Dean Henk comments, “It sounds cliché, but I would not have been able to attend college at all without the scholarship funding I received first as a student athlete, then as a graduate student and a doctoral candidate.”

Dean Henk has made a commitment to support scholarship funding wherever he can, and he’s encouraging others to follow suit. As one of the first university administrators to share his story on the Web site, he is directly assisting in University-wide efforts to make the transformative Marquette Education accessible to ALL students.

“It’s tragic when a student who wants to come to Marquette can’t make it work or when a student who is already here can’t be sustained due to finances,” he writes, Scholarship aid isn’t merely important nowadays at Marquette; it’s absolutely VITAL”

If you’d like to catch more of Dr. Henk’s story, and his thoughts on the importance of scholarship funding, listen in at halftime of the Marquette vs. Wisconsin basketball game this Saturday afternoon, December 12. His radio interview with Steve “The Homer” True will be broadcast on AM 540 and FM 100.1 during the 4:00 p. m. game.

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