Education Students Inducted into Alpha Sigma Nu

Released: 4/3/08

At an evening initiation ceremony on April 5th, 133 Marquette University students will be inducted into the Marquette University Chapter of Alpha Sigma Nu. This Jesuit honor society acknowledges, awards, and inspires a select group of students who distinguish themselves with respect to scholarship, loyalty, and service while attending Jesuit institutions of higher education. The following School of Education students are included among the inductees:

Alpha Sigma Nu was founded in 1915 at Marquette University. The men's honor society, known as Alpha Sigma Tau until 1930, spread from Marquette to Creighton University, to St. Louis University, and to the University of Detroit in its first decade. In 1924, Gamma Pi Epsilon was founded to honor outstanding women. Alpha Sigma Nu and Gamma Pi Epsilon pursued separate but similar paths for almost 50 years, expanding nationally and cooperating on campuses where they existed together. The society born of their merger in 1973 is open to men and women at chapters on all 30 Jesuit campuses in the United States, two in Canada, and one in Korea. Some 1,700 members are inducted each year. The mission of Alpha Sigma Nu is to understand, appreciate, and promote the ideals of Jesuit education — opening minds, doors and hearts to a lifelong journey in wisdom, faith and service. Fr. Jeffrey Labelle, S.J., Assistant Professor in EDPL, currently serves as faculty advisor for the Marquette chapter of Alpha Sigma Nu.


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