School of Education to Become a College on July 1

Released: 6/9/08

On July 1, Marquette University’s School of Education will officially become a College of Education, with a newfound authority to admit freshmen and grant baccalaureate degrees, specifically a bachelor of science in education in either elementary/middle education (grades 1-8) or middle/secondary education (grades 6-12).

Education Dean Bill Henk said the college designation will provide official recognition that “teacher education represents a discipline in which undergraduate students are specifically prepared for professional roles.” The School of Education, which became an independent academic unit in 1971, will continue to prepare undergraduate students for careers as teachers, and graduate students for roles as teachers, school counselors, counseling psychologists and school administrators.

“Education is an applied science,” said former Provost Madeline Wake. “The field of education has evolved in the past 30 years as a professional discipline based on a body of research-based knowledge that encompasses learning and cognitive science, methods of teaching and developmental psychology.”

The majors in the College of Education will require students to fulfill both the University Core of Common Studies and a second major in either the Way-Klingler College of Arts and Sciences or the Diederich College of Communication. Students would also have to complete the education courses required to meet the licensing requirements of the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction. The requirement for two majors will ensure that Marquette graduates have a strong background in the pedagogy of teaching as well as content knowledge in a specific discipline.

College status will enable the education unit to admit students as freshmen. Dean Henk reports that this capability will allow students to begin taking education courses immediately. In combination with the ability to help students focus their curricular choices to meet both university and DPI requirements, students will be able to complete their degree and licensure work in a more timely fashion.


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