SOE Alumni Serving as Delegates to Jesuit General Congregation 35

Released: 2/11/08

The School of Education is pleased to announce that two SOE alumnae, Fr. John Mathew Ariapilly (Provincial, SOE graduate 1990) and Fr. Lawrence Maniyar (Regional Superior, SOE graduate 1991) are delegates to the Jesuit General Congregation 35. They are among four of approximately sixty in attendance who were fellows at Marquette.

The general congregation is the body within the Society of Jesus that has three principal functions:

  1. To elect the General of the Society.
  2. To legislate on important matters of policy.
  3. To advise the General on other matters.

Since the Jesuit’s founding in the mid 1500s There have been 35 such gatherings, or about an average of seven per century. The congregation has so far accepted the resignation of the last general, Peter Hans Kolvenbach, elected a new general Adolpho Nicholas, and begun deliberations on several matters of policy. Fr. Nicholas is a Spaniard who was a missionary in, then Provincial of Japan and then the General Assistant for the Asian region of the Jesuits.







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