Mission Week: Donate Books to Support Schools Without Walls

Released: 1/7/13

Rev. MirandaEight years ago REAP launched a virtual war on illiteracy. Through a non-formal education program which literally takes literacy to the doorstep of the poor, REAP launched a full scale campaign covering the length and breadth of Mumbai city and surrounding rural areas. REAP works tirelessly for the eradication of illiteracy throughout India.

During Marquette's Mission Week, you can join the College of Education and contribute to the important work of REAP.


Bring Illustrated Children’s Books (birth - 10 years) and drop them at one of our many locations between January 11th and February 8th:

Also, look for our “Change for Change” Jars at the same locations! Your donations can help spread the gift of literacy throughout India.

If you would like to learn more ways in which you can help, please contact Amy Porter.


Located along one of India’s most populous and poverty-stricken areas, REAP reaches out to children who have dropped out of school, teaches them to read, and then returns them to the mainstream municipal school system. Since its inception in 1998, REAP has succeeded in leading thousands of children back to school or into vocational training programs.

Today REAP has reached 350 literacy centers spanning the length and breadth of Mumbai and surrounding rural areas. The campaign covers more than 10,000 learners annually which include children on the street, slums, rag-pickers, child laborers, tribal children. The Program is open to all irrespective of caste and creed.

Through the REAP network of schools, students discover a world of opportunity that is a stark contrast to the factories and garbage dumps in which they otherwise would be forced to toil. REAP transforms the most dilapidated huts into vibrant classrooms. The teachers, often REAP alumni themselves, are dedicated and energetic and they never hesitate to go where the need is greatest. Every day, Father Miranda says, is a leap of faith, a leap they never stop taking.

REAP was awarded the international 2005 Opus Prizefor outstanding humanitarian work.

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