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Student Groups

College of Education Student Council

Established in October of 2005, the College of Education Student Council (COESC) is a fully recognized student organization which was created to act as a student voice to College of Education administration as well as assist students in identifying professional goals and cultivating skills to meet those goals.

The COESC constitution specifies four main goals for the organization:

  1. To provide a forum for students to interact with the faculty and administrators of the College of Education and voice their concerns for them;
  2. To unify the students of the College of Education at all points in the teacher education program;
  3. To show the University students' affiliation with their future professions and an affiliation with professionals and students that have similar goals and ambitions;
  4. To demonstrate that the administration and faculty of the College of Education are responsive to the needs of the students.


The COESC has been active within the College of Education as well as the greater Milwaukee Community. The COESC intends to sponsor at least one social and one service activity per semester along; other events will be planned as the need arises. The COESC has been responsible for the creation and sales of long sleeve t-shirts and tote bags, which were designed to reflect pride in the College of Education. Additionally, it has sponsored a drive for the Ronald McDonald House and a "Faculty and Staff Meet, Eat, and Greet," during which faculty were able to meet and talk with students on a more personal out-of-the-classroom basis. On an academic level, the COESC has worked closely with the Licensure Officer and Director of Field Placements to compile a list of directions (both for driving and via bus routes) to many local schools. These directions will serve as a reference tool for students completing field placements at these locations.

The COESC is always looking for new opportunities and events to sponsor for the betterment of the student population in the College of Education.


The COESC invites any student in the College of Education to be an officer or member of the Council. The constitution requests this as a courtesy that demonstrates both an affiliation to the College of Education and an interest in becoming a teacher.

The COESC welcomes all students, faculty, and staff to attend any meetings and join in our discussions.

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