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Instructions: The immediate supervisor should evaluate the student objectively. Please compare this student's performance with that of other students of comparable academic levels and co-op work experience.
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Attitude to work
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Briefly describe student's Co-op work assignment
What are the student's strongest assets?
In what areas should the student strive to improve?
Keeping in mind the student's current status in his/her engineering program (i.e., just completed the sophomore year, junior-standing, or senior-standing), please assess the student's academic preparation for this Co-op assignment. 
You are welcome to provide additional comments you may have about the student's work performance.

Employer Evaluation of Marquette University's College of Engineering Academic Programs
It is important to our college to receive input from employers of our Co-op students regarding the academic preparation of our engineering students. We would appreciate your comments on the following (if your comments pertain to interdisciplinary or specific engineering programs, please specify accordingly):
What technical skills are necessary for engineering graduates to be successful in your organization?
What professional attributes are necessary for engineering graduates to be successful in your organization?

Has this evaluation been discussed with the student?
Will this student be asked to return for his/her next scheduled Co-op work term?
If this was the final scheduled Co-op work term, would you consider hiring this student full-time, assuming an opportunity arises?

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