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"The voice of experienced Co-ops..."

"The Co-op Program gives the student excellent on-the-job experience. It has introduced me to the various paths of manufacturing--from ordering raw material to packing a finished piece. The job gave me an idea of what engineering work is and can be. It also helped me finance my education."

"...a chance to grow as an individual. It means moving away from home, meeting a whole new group of people. It means getting challenging work that is important to the company and doing the best job that I possibly can. This Co-op work term was fantastic. I was given a great deal of responsibility and I feel I developed as a person and as an engineer."

"I'm anxious to get back to school, having found out how much more there is to learn. I'm also looking forward to future Co-op work terms."

"I have no idea how students could go look for their first engineering job without some practical (Co-op) experience under their belts. It has opened my eyes as to what engineering is all about and it will help me to know what to look for when looking for a job."

"It has really improved my study habits. It is also a HUGE help in paying for school."

"The greatest benefit of the Co-op Program is the opportunity it provides for the development of professional skills. Professional etiquette cannot be taught in a classroom, yet through the Co-op experience I have learned many valuable skills I will be able to use in any work environment."

"Co-oping is a multifaceted experience. It is a chance to get a break from studying, an opportunity to bring home a paycheck, an introduction to the corporate working world, and a foot in the door. When I graduate I will have two years of experience in the construction field that will look admirable to a future employer."

"...the experience and money earned far outweigh the extra time needed to graduate."

"I would recommend Co-oping to every engineering student--it completes the educational experience like nothing else can."

"I think the Co-op Program offers a great opportunity to get a feel for the industry. It provides a means to get early exposure to the pressures, demands, and expectations placed on today's engineer."

"The Co-op Program allows me to interact with engineering, learn through experience, and acquire the most valuable tool of all--communication skills. I have acquired skills and knowledge that one only learns through experience."

" me an idea of how to face the world and what it's really like to work in your profession even before graduation. It is the most intelligent thing to do for a student who has high goals in a professional life."

"I would hate to graduate without this experience."


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