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Alumni Questionnaire


A. Date of graduation from Marquette University with BS in Mechanical Engineering:
B. Student Classification:
1. Status: Full-time student
Part-time student
2. Minor:
3. Co-op Program:
4. Part-time Intern:
5. Summer Intern:
6. ROTC program:


A. Gender:
B. Age:


A. Current Employment Status:
If other, please specify:
B. If you were a participant in the undergraduate Co-op Program, did you:
Note: If you are employed, please answer C through G below to indicate the nature of your work irregardless of whether it is related to engineering. If you are unemployed, a graduate student, or have another status, please go to Section IV.
C. Type of Employer (Select the one type that best applies)
If other, please specify:
D. Functional Work Area (Select the one area which best applies):
If other, please specify:
E. Technical Work Area (Select the one are which best applies):
If other, please specify:
F. Current Job Title:
G. Level of Engineering Activity (Select one level which best applies)
H. Level of Supervisory Responsibility (Select the one area which best applies):
If other, please specify:
G. Salary Range (thousands of dollars):


A. Please indicate below if you are a Registered Professional Engineer (PE) or hold an Engineer in Training (EIT) Certificate. Also indicate the state(s) in which you are registered or certified.
B. Please check those professional societies of which you are currently a regular member (not a student member).
ASME: SAE: Other: None:
Please list any other societies:

C. Please list any local, regional, or national offices or committee memberships that you have held in any of the societies listed in B above. (Do not count or include student positions.)
D. Please list any awards or other recognition that you have received from any of the societies listed in B above. (Do not count or include student chapter chapter awards or recognition.)


A. List advanced degrees earned. giving the degree, institution and field of study.
B. If you are currently enrolled in a graduate program leading to an advanced degree, please indicate the degree sought, the field of study, the college or university and whether enrollment is full-time or part-time.
C. If you are currently participating in some form of continuing education such as short courses offered by colleges, technical societies, and employers or regular college courses, which relate directly to your job or which will prepare you for some other position, please describe the nature of the continuing education.
D. In the last five years how many short courses or regular college courses related to your job and profession have you taken?


A. Please list any humanitarian, charitable, political, or religious organizations to which you have belonged to since graduation from Marquette with your B.S. in Mechanical Engineering.
B. Please indicate about how many hours per month on average you devote to these organizations.
C. Please describe any awards or other recognition you have received from these organizations.


The Mechanical Engineering Program at Marquette University has expectations for its recent graduates, which are articulated in its published objectives.* The statements below relate to those expectations.

Please indicate below how strongly you agree or disagree with the following statements.

Strongly Agree Agree Neutral Disagree Strongly Disagree Not Applicable
I consider myself successful in my career.
I am continuing in my professional development.
I am serving my profession
I am serving society.
I am seeking leadership roles in my profession.
I am seeking leadership roles in society.

*Mechanical Engineering Program Educational Objectives as published in the Undergraduate Bulletin and the Department of Mechanical Engineering's web page.

Our graduates will:

  • Have successful careers.
  • Continue their professional development.
  • Serve their profession and society.
  • Attain leadership roles in their professions and in society.
  • Make strong contributions to their profession.



The required courses in the current curriculum are presented below by subject. Please indicate the relative importance of each subject to your career and life. New courses are indicated in italics. The two new engineering systems courses replace the old electrical circuits and mechanical measurements and instrumentation courses. Electrical circuits are incorporated in these courses. The new one credit hour Professional Development course replaces the old zero credit hour sophomore Engineering Orientation course. Credit hours are shown in ().

Importance of Subject in Career and Life Great Importance Some Importance No Importance
Non-Engineering Requirements*
English and Speech (6)
Human Nature and Ethics (6)
Theology (6)
Individual and Social Behavior (3)
Diverse Cultures (3)
Literature and Performing Arts (3)
Histories of Cultures and Societies (3)
Mathematics and Basic Science Requirements*

Calculus and Differential Equations (16)
Chemistry (8)
Physics (8)
General Engineering Courses

Freshman Engineering Graphics (CAD) (2)
Freshman Computer Programming (MatLab) (1)
Freshman Engineering Problem Solving (1)
Professional Development for Engineers (1)
Engineering Science and Mathematics Courses

Statics and Dynamics (6)
Mechanics of Materials (3)
Materials Science (3)
Engineering Statistics (3)
Mechanical Systems Courses

Design of Machine Elements (4)  
Dynamics of Mechanical Systems (3)  
Numerical Methods in Mechanical Engineering (3)
Electromechanical Engineering Systems (3)
Multidisciplinary Engineering Systems (3)
Thermal/Fluid Systems Courses

Thermodynamics (6)
Fluid Mechanics (3)
Heat Transfer (3)
Manufacturing Systems Courses

Manufacturing Processes (3)
Materials Selection in Mechanical Design (3)
Engineering Design Courses

Freshman Design (2)
Senior Design (6)
Review Courses and FE Exam

Review for FE Exam and FE Exam (1)

* University Core of Common Studies (UCCS) courses. See for a list of courses.


Check the response which best describes your overall opinion of your Mechanical Engineering faculty members.

Strongly Agree Agree Neutral Disagree Strongly Disagree
They were well qualified.
They devoted sufficient time to undergraduate teaching.
They were sufficiently available to students outside of class time.
They motivated me in my engineering studies and the pursuit of a career in engineering.


Check the response which best describes your overall opinion of the facilities at Marquette.

More than adequate Adequate Inadequate
The teaching facilities (classrooms) were
The computer facilities (hardware and software) were
The laboratory facilities were


Please characterize the class sizes in the following courses.

Too Large About Right Too Small
Mathematics courses
Chemistry and physics courses
Liberal arts core courses like English, theology, philosophy, history, sociology, and psychology
Engineering courses


Check the response which best describes your overall opinion of the advising you received from your Academic Advisor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering.

Strongly Agree Agree Neutral Disagree Strongly Disagree
My academic advisor was sufficiently available
My academic advisor was knowledgeable about the mechanical engineering curriculum and provided good advise on what courses to take.
The overall academic advice that I received from my advisor and others in the department and college was good and timely and helped me complete my degree with a minimum of problems.


Please feel free to comment on any or all of the following subjects:

A. Please indicate up to three things that you most value about your Marquette undergraduate education.
B. Please indicate up to three things that would have improved your Marquette undergraduate education.
C. Any other comments you would like to offer.
D. The content and structure of this questionnaire.


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