The Office of Academic Affairs is a dedicated team supporting both students and faculty in the Opus College of Engineering. In order to execute, assess and continuously improve the undergraduate and graduate academic programs in the Opus College of Engineering, the Office of Academic Affairs works with faculty to develop and implement processes, policies and procedures that result in improved communications, implementation of best practices, and decisions based on facts derived from data.

The Academic Advising Center provides students with guidance to establish and realize their academic goals, complementing the role of the Faculty Mentor. The Academic Advising Center provides resources to assist students in meeting academic requirements, assuming responsibility for their academic success and enhancing their experience through extracurricular educational opportunities. The Academic Advising Center strives to give students consistent and timely information while encouraging resourcefulness and accountability for their personal and intellectual growth.                        

The Student Studies and Records office is committed to maintaining a supportive learning environment by providing accurate and timely information regarding curriculum, application, registration, program completion, student enrollment records and academic policies while providing responsive and respectful service to engineering students, faculty, and staff.            

Brigid Lagerman
Director of Academic Advising

J. Christopher Perez, JD
Director of Student Studies and Records                   

Mark Federle, Ph.D., P.E., F.ASCE, CPC  
Associate Dean for Academic Affairs

Megan O'Connor
Office Associate              

Student studying on campus

We can help with

Pre-registration advising

Course withdrawal

Transfer credit approval

Curriculum substitution

Engineering curriculum

Core of Common Studies

Study abroad planning

Senior year course plan review

Graduation requirements

College policies and procedures


Brigid Lagerman
Director of Academic Advising
(414) 288-6000