Brian D. Schmit, Ph.D.

Brian D. Schmit, Ph.D.

Professor of Biomedical Engineering
Co-Director, Falk Center for Neurorehabilitation Engineering Research Center
Director of Graduate Studies

Office: Engineering Hall, 344

Research Interests

Professional Preparation

Ph.D., 1995, Biomedical Engineering, Case Western Reserve University
M.S., 1992, Biomedical Engineering, Case Western Reserve University
B.S., 1988, Biomedical Engineering, Marquette University

Selected Recent Publications

Vedantam, A., Jirjis, M. B., Schmit, B. D., Wang, M. C., Ulmer, J. L., Kurpad, S. N. "Diffusion Tensor Imaging of the Spinal Cord: Insights From Animal and Human Studies," Neurosurgery, 74 (1), 1-8, 2014.

Vedantam, A., Jirjis, M. B., Schmit, B. D., Ulmer, J. L., Wang, M. C., Kurpad, S. N. "Characterization and Limitations of Diffusion Tensor Imaging Metrics in the Cervical Spinal Cord in Neurologically Intact Subjects," Journal of Magnetic Resonance Imaging, 38 (4), 861-867, 2013.

Jain, S., Gourab, K., Schindler-Ivens, S., Schmit, B. D. "EEG During Pedaling: Evidence for Cortical Control of Locomotor Tasks," Clinical Neurophysiology, 124 (2), 379-390, 2013.

Jirjis, M. B., Kurpad, S. N., Schmit, B. D. "Ex Vivo Diffusion Tensor Imaging of Varying Severity Spinal Cord Injury in Rats," Journal of Neurotrauma, 30 (18), 1577-86, 2013.

Onushko, T., Hyngstrom, A., Schmit, B. D. "Hip Proproprioceptors Preferentially Modulate Reflexes of the Leg in Human Spinal Cord Injury," Journal of Neurophysiology, 110 (2), 297-306, 2013.

Current Grants

Schmit, Brian D (Principal), Hyngstrom, Allison (Supporting), Ng, Alexander (Supporting), "Sympathetic-somatomotor coupling in human SCI," Sponsored by NIH - NINDS. (August 15, 2013 - March 31, 2018).

Harris, Gerald F (Principal), Gilat-Schmidt, Tal G (Co-Principal), Schmit, Brian D (Co-Principal), "RERC: Technologies for Children with Orthopaedic Disabilities," Sponsored by NIDRR (National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research). (October 1, 2010 - September 30, 2015).

Ropella, Kristina (Principal), Schmit, Brian D (Co-Principal), "Collaborative Research Integrating Neuroimaging and Neurorehabilitation," Sponsored by Ralph and Marian Falk Medical Research Trust. (January 2013 - December 2014).



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