Center for joining and manufacturing assembly Faculty

Dr. John Borg, P.E.: shock physics, hydrodynamic stability and turbulence, fluid dynamics and aerodynamics

Dr. Vikram Cariapa, P.E.: mass finishing, rapid prototyping, prosthesis design for the spinal cord injured

Dr. Joseph Domblesky, P.E.: process simulation, metal forming, materials joining

Dr. Raymond Fournelle P.E.: phase transformations in solids, mechanical behavior of materials, metal joining, failure analysis

Dr. Kyuil (Kyle) Kim, P.E.: computer aided manufacturing, industrial automation, sculptured surface machining, statistical process control

Dr. Richard Marklin, C.P.E.: ergonomics, human factors engineering, lower back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome

Dr. Mark Nagurka, P.E.: mechanical systems, modeling of vehicle systems, human/machine interaction, biomechanics of motion

Dr. James Rice.: manufacturing processes, modeling, non-destructive evaluation, simulation

Dr. Joseph Schimmels: dynamic systems measurement and control, robotics, kinematics, impedance design, automated assembly, geometric modeling

Dr. Robert Stango, P.E.: solid mechanics, composite materials, numerical analysis, surface finish processes

Dr. Philip Voglewede: theoretical kinematics, polynomial chaos theory, industrial automation and fixturing