All persons accessing the shop shall wear shop-appropriate clothing.


T-shirt or short-sleeved shirt, long pants, closed-toed shoes and safety glasses.

All fabrics shall be a natural fiber (cotton, wool, or flax). No synthetics, they melt. No sandals. No shorts. No tank tops. No hooded sweatshirts. No cell phones in shop.

DL128 (Student Design)
– No training requirement
– Open access for meetings, study and design activity.

DL121 (Electronics Lab)
– No training requirement.
– Access to Electronic Workstations

DL125 (Multi-Discipline) Requires proper dress
– No training requirement.
– Access to Hand Tools only for uncertified students
– Tool Checkout from Tool Crib

DL113 (Large Projects Lab) Requires proper dress
– No training requirement.
– Check In/Check Out of space. Speak with Tool Crib attendant for details
– Access to Hand Tools only. No powered hand tools without training cert.
– Tool Checkout from Tool Crib

DL167 (Machine Shop) Requires proper dress
– Requires Training to enter. NO UNTRAINED OBSERVERS.

Basic Training

  • Band Saw, Drill Press, Grinders, Powered Hand tools and other tooling

Advanced Training

  • Accesses Mill and Lathe
  • Unrestricted Tool Checkout from Tool Crib

Students studying in lab

About the lab

The Marquette Engineering program is design-focused and laboratory intensive. Many classroom and laboratory assignments are multidisciplinary and project-based. The Stanley V. Jaskolski Discovery Learning Laboratory provides a fully equipped, on-site machine shop for design and production of prototypes, test fixtures or complex objects. It is a place where students explore the practical aspects of engineering.


Operations Engineer
Thomas A. Silman
(414) 288-5423