There are three levels of certification:

    1. Basic Shop — Allows access to machine shop DL167 and minor tool loan
    2. Advanced Shop (Prereq: Basic Shop) — Allows access to extended access and tool loan
    3. Advanced CNC (Prereq: Advanced Shop) — Allows use of the CNC machine tools

Requesting Training

  • Update your eMarq calendar to show when you are busy.
  • Email a training request to
  • Study the training outline and watch the required videos (see below).
  • We will respond with an appointment for training.

Training Videos from MIT

Basic 1 Duration 40:32
Basic 2 Duration 57:33
Basic 3 Duration 30:02
Milling Machine 1 Duration 50:33
Milling Machine 2 Duration 1:03:33
Milling Machine 3 Duration 46:33
Milling Machine 4 Duration 45:33
Lathe 1 Duration 45:02
Lathe 2 Duration 47:33
Lathe 3 Duration 34:32
Students studying in lab

About the lab

The Marquette Engineering program is design-focused and laboratory intensive. Many classroom and laboratory assignments are multidisciplinary and project-based. The Stanley V. Jaskolski Discovery Learning Laboratory provides a fully equipped, on-site machine shop for design and production of prototypes, test fixtures or complex objects. It is a place where students explore the practical aspects of engineering.


Operations Engineer
Thomas A. Silman
(414) 288-5423