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Electrical and Computer Engineering
Graduate Program Assessment Plan

The purpose of this page is to provide information on the assessment process for the Electrical and Computer Engineering department’s graduate programs.

Each of the three graduate programs administered by the department (thesis M.S., non-thesis M.S., Ph.D.) has an associated Program Learning Outcomes (PLO) assessment plan documentPDF Icon, which outlines expected performance indicators, measurement techniques, and responsible parties. The department also utilizes three assessment rubricsPDF Icon to judge the quality of thesis and dissertation presentations.

The Director of Graduate Studies is responsible for collecting the required information annually and putting the information together into an annual assessment report. The report summarizes the relevant data and makes appropriate observations and recommendations regarding the success of the department’s graduate programs in achieving the expected learning outcomes for its students. The report is distributed to the graduate committee and the department chairperson, who meet annually to discuss the recommendations and decide on any program, course, or assessment process changes that are needed to better implement the department’s programs or better accomplish the department’s educational mission.

The following measures are used to assess the department’s overall success in achieving desired Program Learning Outcomes:


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