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In addition to its master's and doctoral programs, the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering offers non-degree Graduate Certificates in Digital Signal Processing, Electric Machines and Drives, Microwaves and Antennas, and Smart Sensor Systems.

Certificate programs in other technical areas can be developed and completed with the aid of an academic adviser, subject to department approval.

The certificate programs are designed for practicing engineers and other qualified individuals with bachelor’s degrees who wish to update and/or expand their knowledge in specific technical areas, but do not necessarily wish to pursue a master’s or doctoral degree.

Each graduate certificate program requires completion of four courses (12 credits) selected from a prescribed list of courses pertinent to the area of study, as indicated below. All courses taken must be approved for graduate credit, and at least two of the courses must be strictly graduate level (6000 or 8000 level courses). Students must complete all courses within a three-year time period and must earn a quality point average of at least 3.0 with no grade below a C.

Digital Signal Processing

COEN 5860, COEN 5870, COEN 5650, EECE 5510, EECE 6010, EECE 6020, EECE 6820, EECE 6830, EECE 6840, EECE 6510, EECE 6520, EECE 6530, EECE 6540

Electric Machines, Drives, and Control

EECE 5310, EECE 5320, EECE 5210, EECE 5220, EECE 5230, EECE 5240, EECE 5250, EECE 6010, EECE 6020, EECE 6310, EECE 6320, EECE 6330, EECE 6210, EECE 6220, EECE 6230

Microwaves and Antennas

EECE 5130, EECE 5150, EECE 5570, EECE 6110, EECE 6120,EECE 6130, EECE 6010, EECE 6020

Sensors and Smart Sensor Systems

EECE 5460, EECE 6010, EECE 6020, EECE 6420, EECE 6430, EECE 6450

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For more information on Electrical and Computer Engineering graduate certificates, please contact the department’s Director of Graduate Studies: Fabien Josse, Ph.D.


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