Grant Development Office Services

Assistance in conceptualizing and planning your project:

  • Discuss desired research-related objectives and outcomes
  • Strategic approach for seeking funds
  • Research grant opportunities and identify potential sources
  • Identify potential partners
  • Co-develop proposal submission time line; identify project milestones and individuals responsible for specific tasks

Identify funding sources:

  • Search government and foundation websites as well as funding databases
  • Assist faculty with the creation of Pivot accounts (formerly Community of Science: COS)
  • Participate in multiple listservs

Help developing and preparing proposals:

  • Analyze grant announcement and associated documents
  • Outline suggested proposal structure to mirror sponsor review criteria/forms
  • Navigate application forms and procedures; collaborate with the Office of Research and Sponsored Projects (ORSP)
  • Assist with the development and editing of proposal narratives
  • Assist thinking through budget needs to prepare faculty for meeting with ORSP to finalize budget
  • Draft supporting documents and boilerplate at the request of the Principal Investigator (PI)/Project Team
  • Develop time line for institution routing, approval, and submission; serve as link to ORSP when needed

Coordinate large scale proposals:

Draft supporting documents:

  • Letters of support
  • Edit biosketches
  • Facilities and resources/equipment
  • Multiple PI Plan (for NIH)
  • Other ancillary materials as needed

Submit proposal to ORSP

  • Work with PI to submit proposal and registration forms to ORSP in advance of the deadline

Prepare and submit "just-in-time" or other post-submission materials:

  • Work with PI to prepare and submit any necessary items requested by the sponsor in collaboration with ORSP


Student studying on campus

Opus College of Engineering



Dr. Brian Schmit
Associate Dean for Research, Opus College of Engineering
Professor, Department of Biomedical Engineering

Engineering Hall 444
(414) 288-6125

Karen Jamiola
Proposal Developer and Grant Specialist
Opus College of Engineering

Haggerty Hall 243