Employer and Student Benefits

The Healthcare Technologies Management Program is the first graduate program in the United States to combine business, technology, and healthcare. It was developed with the support of the Whitaker Foundation and guidance from representatives of healthcare institutions and medical device companies.

The program provides several benefits to recent undergraduates seeking an advanced degree as well as experienced technical professionals preparing for career advancement:

  • Practical, relevant curriculum designed to meet the unique educational needs of engineers and healthcare technology managers.
  • Formal business and management education.
  • Preparation for management responsibilities and career advancement.
  • Flexibility to accommodate the career goals of students.
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For technical professionals who plan on moving into and/or remaining in technical management in a clinical or industrial setting, the program has several advantages over graduate programs in business administration (MBA):

  • Includes core of specialized courses unique to the program and not available in typical generic MBA programs.
  • Provides training not included in MBA programs in areas typically learned on-the-job, making graduates more valuable to their employers.
  • Includes basic core business courses; advanced courses not required.
  • Allows students to update their technical skills by taking graduate-level engineering courses.
  • Requires less time to complete than graduate programs in business administration.
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The program provides benefits to employers whose employees graduate from the program

  • Development of career advancing skills in current employees will aid in retention of technical personnel.
  • Business courses will prepare students to work more effectively in multidisciplinary teams by providing them with a better understanding and appreciation of the roles that personnel in other groups within their organizations play in helping the organization meet its goals.
  • Graduates of the program will be better equipped to help employers reach their goals.
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