Titles of Completed HCTM 6995 Projects:

  • Risk Based Maintenance Program for US Air Force
  • Global Regulations in the Medical Device Industry
  • Technology Assessment of a New Medical Concept: Sublingual Capnometry Monitoring for the Critically Ill Patient
  • Technology Assessment of PACS
  • The Role and Implementation of User Centered Design for Medical Device User Interfaces
  • A Study of the Product Development Process for a Continuous Non-Invasive Blood Pressure Monitoring Instrument
  • Shortening the Time-to-Profit of Medical Devices
  • A Comparative Study on How Healthcare Technologies are Identified and Assessed in Hospitals
  • Ensuring Product Development Involves the Customer’s True Needs
  • Rapid Product Transfer in the Medical Industry
  • Product Life Cycle Management: End of Product Life
  • Technology Assessment for Lung Cancer Early Detection (LuCED) Test
  • Derivation of an Enterprise-Wide PACS Service Level Agreement
  • Translating the Benefits of Human Factors Engineering to Improve Patient Safety
  • Managing the Pharmaceutical Sales Call
  • Digital Engineering Forum
  • Technology Assessment and Business Analysis for a Dialysis Center in Alaska
  • Standards and Regulations: Implementation in Design
  • Implementing Quality Assurance Change in an Organization
  • Bacterial Prevention and Detection for Platelet Products
  • Harmonized Medical Device Labeling: The Use of Symbol
  • Medical Device Production Testing
  • Voice of the Customer Analysis
  • Evaluation of Medical Device Reporting in User Facilities and the Use of Medical Device Reports by Manufacturers
  • Reducing Medication-Related Errors in Regards to Drug Nomenclature and Labeling
  • Multiple Perspectives of Hospital Compliance with a JCAHO Patient Safety Goal: Fall Risk Management
  • Improving Communications and Feedback Between Clinicians and Engineers
  • Technology’s Role in Increasing the Quality of Patient Care
  • Analysis of New FDA cGMP Guidance: Focus on Part 11, Electronic Records; Electronic Signatures
  • Model for PET Technology Assessment in a Consulting Organization
  • Technology Assessment of Electronic Medical Records
  • Analysis of Design for Manufacturability/Assembly in the Production of Medical Devices
  • Emergency Department Efficiency Engineering Initiative Process Time Study
  • Technology Assessment of Spinal Implantation Devices for Degenerative Disc Disease
  • Product Development: Medical Device Development Time Estimation Process
  • New Product Introduction: Philips Medical Systems – Nuclear Medicine
  • Comparative Study of Global Regulations for Prescription Drugs
  • Technology Assessment of a New Medical Device: PolarCath™ Peripheral CryoPlasty System
  • Failure Modes and Effects Analysis of the Implementation Process of the Licox® Brain Tissue Oxygenation Monitor in the Pediatric ICU at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin
  • New Product Introductions and Service Readiness from a Spare Parts Perspective
  • Technology Assessment of Phototherapy Treatment Options for Seasonal Affective Disorder
  • PACS Pre-Implementation Readiness Assessment
  • HIPAA Compliance: The Role and Implementation of Security Technologies for Medical Devices/Systems Capable of Maintaining/Transmitting ePHI
  • Efficiencies and Inefficiencies of Current Translational Research Models
  • Information Technology Acceptance Curve: Methods to Accelerate Physician’s Resistance to Change
  • A Closed Loop System (CLS) for Tight Glycemic Control
  • Technology Assessment of Interactive Patient Systems
  • In-House Reprocessing of Single Use Devices by Hospitals
  • Creating a Hybrid Model for Change Management Systems by Applying Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) within the IT Framework
  • Analysis of Field Service Issues Relating to Medical Imaging Customers
  • Customer Complaint Management and Healthcare Information Systems
  • Robot-Assisted Minimally Invasive Surgery: A Technology Assessment
  • Comparative Study of the Regulatory Requirements for a Successful Multi-Parameter Patient Monitor Submission in the United States and China
  • Evaluating the Process of Acquiring Medical Technology
  • Evaluation of Electronic Medical Records in Five Outpatient Clinics
  • Entrepreneurial Assessment of the Li-AD Technology
  • Clinical Engineering Resource Allocation: Development of a Service Delivery Staffing Model
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