We believe in providing engineering education to our students in the Jesuit tradition in order to prepare them to enter society both as outstanding engineers and as persons with high moral values and ethical standards who possess a zeal to work for the benefit of all humankind.

The Department of Mechanical Engineering is the home of many distinguished faculty who have received prominent national and international honors.

The Department of Mechanical Engineering announces a faculty position opening.

Regular faculty

Dr. Casey Allen
Assistant professor
E-mail: casey.allen@marquette.edu

Dr. John Borg, P.E.
Associate professor
E-mail: john.borg@marquette.edu

Dr. Vikram Cariapa, P.E.
Associate professor
E-mail: vikram.cariapa@marquette.edu

Dr. Kevin Craig
Robert C. Greenheck Chair in Engineering Design and Professor
E-mail: kevin.craig@marquette.edu

Dr. Joseph Domblesky, P.E.
Associate professor
E-mail: joseph.domblesky@marquette.edu

Dr. Raymond A. Fournelle, P.E.
Professor and Associate chair
E-mail: raymond.fournelle@marquette.edu

Dr. Gerald F. Harris, P.E.
Professor of Biomedical Engineering and Director of the Orthopaedic Research and Rehabilitation Engineering Center
E-mail: gerald.harris@marquette.edu

Dr. Stephen M. Heinrich
Professor and Director of Graduate studies for Civil, Construction and Environmental engineering
E-mail: stephen.heinrich@marquette.edu

Dr. Jon K. Jensen
Associate professor and Associate Dean for Enrollment management
E-mail: jon.jensen@marquette.edu

Dr. Kyuil (Kyle) Kim, P.E.
Professor and Chair
E-mail: kyuil.kim@marquette.edu


Dr. Chung Hoon Lee
Assistant professor of Electrical and Computer engineering
E-mail: chunghoon.lee@marquette.edu

Dr. Richard W. Marklin, P.E.
E-mail: richard.marklin@marquette.edu

Dr. Margaret Mathison
Assistant professor
E-mail: margaret.mathison@marquette.edu

Dr. Mark L. Nagurka, P.E.
Associate professor
E-mail: mark.nagurka@marquette.edu

Dr. James A. Rice
Associate professor and Director of Graduate studies
E-mail: james.rice@marquette.edu

Dr. Joseph M. Schimmels, P.E.
E-mail: joseph.schimmels@marquette.edu

Dr. M. Barbara Silver-Thorn
Associate professor of Biomedical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering
E-mail: barbara.silver-thorn@marquette.edu

Dr. Robert J. Stango, P.E.
E-mail: robert.stango@marquette.edu

Dr. Philip A. Voglewede
Assistant professor
E-mail: philip.voglewede@marquette.edu

Dr. G.E. Otto Widera
E-mail: geo.widera@marquette.edu

Research faculty

Dr. Anthony Bowman 
Research assistant professor
E-mail: anthony.bowman@marquette.edu

Dr. Shuguang Huang
Research associate professor
E-mail: huangs@marquette.edu

Dr. Hyunjae Park
Research professor
E-mail: hyunjae.park@marquette.edu

Emeriti faculty

Dr. Robert N. Blumenthal, P.E.
Professor emeritus

Dr. Robert F. Brebrick
Professor emeritus
E-mail: robert.brebrick@marquette.edu

Dr. Wiliam E. Brower Jr., P.E.
Professor emeritus
E-mail: william.brower@marquette.edu



Dr. Richard A. Gaggioli, P.E.
Professor emeritus
E-mail: richard.gaggioli@marquette.edu


Adjunct faculty

Dr. Jim Hu                                                                  

Adjunct associate professor

Dr. Zack Shana, P.E.
Adjunct associate professor

Dr. Alexey Sverdlin
Adjunct professor

Dr. Jeffrey M. Toth
Adjunct professor

Dr. Robert C. Weber, P.E.
Adjunct associate professor


Annette Wolak
Office associate
Phone: (414) 288-7259
E-mail: annette.wolak@marquette.edu


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