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Energy systems

Economic growth and development are strongly dependent upon the development and conversion of energy resources. Assurance that supplies can meet demands without excessive monetary and environmental costs will depend upon political, economic and technological decisions. But, in any case, the key to solving the problem is engineering the technological development of new and better energy conversion processes and systems. The courses offered in the energy area provide the most up-to-date background for the design of traditional energy systems and for design, research and development of new systems.

Manufacturing systems

Manufacturing engineering is the specialty that requires education and experience to understand, apply and control engineering procedures and methods of production of industrial commodities and products. It requires the ability to plan the practices of manufacturing, research and develop the tools, processes, machines, materials and equipment, and integrate the facilities and systems for producing quality products with optimal expenditures. The courses offered in this area, including manufacturing processes, materials processing, manufacturing systems and reliability, aim to prepare students to face the challenges of rapidly changing technologies in the modern manufacturing environment.

Mechanical systems

This area provides students with the theoretical, computational and experimental tools necessary for the detailed analysis and design of mechanical systems, including structural elements, linkages, gears, and other power transmission components, precision tools and machinery, etc. The courses offered in this area enable students to understand the rationale and methodology of the overall design process of mechanical systems, proceeding from the conceptualization stage through the detailed design and implementation phases.


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