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Engineering Service Concentration

Program Goal

To provide an integrated opportunity for involvement in engineering-related service learning and reflection throughout their undergraduate studies. These experiences also provide an awareness of an engineer’s professional responsibilities to the community at large, and future opportunities for such involvement at the local, national and/or international levels.


Engineering students have a long tradition of involvement in engineering- and construction-related community service. Examples include:

Such activities are consistent with our university and college mission and our program learning objectives. In addition, such activities embody an engineer’s professional responsibility to the community.


All engineering undergraduates in good standing are eligible to participate in this program. Students who wish to pursue this concentration should work closely with their academic advisor beginning in their freshman year so as to effectively integrate their interests and these experiences with their engineering degree requirements.


This concentration requires completion of a minimum of 12 credits including:

Local service via service learning in
University Core of Common Studies: 3 credits
HEAL 1025 (3 c) Culture & Health
(Core: Diverse Cultures)
SOWJ 1001 (3 c) Intro Social Welfare & Justice
(Core: Individual & Social Behavior)
PHYS 1003 (3 c) General Physics with Calculus 1
(Core: Science & Nature)
PSYC 3210 (3 c) Psychology of Prejudice (Core: Diverse Cultures and Core: Individual & Social Behavior)
Engineering service: 6 credits
CEEN 3720(3 c)

Decent & Affordable Housing
Sample Service Learning Partner
Habitat for Humanity

CEEN 4740 (3 c) Health, Environment and Infrastructure in
Latin America
Sample Service Learning Partner
Nativity Jesuit Middle School - Milwaukee
Escuale Fratney - Milwaukee
Council of the Spanish Speaking - Milwaukee
Programa ayuda para los vecinos del altiplano (PAVA) - Guatemala
CARITAS - Guatemala
International experience: full-time
GEEN 9052 International Study—Study Abroad
Potential Study Abroad Locations
Cape Town, South Africa
Casa de la Solidaridad - Santa Clara,
El Salvador

International or domestic engineering service project: 3 credits

GEEN 4995 (3 c) Independent Study: International Engineering
Service Project
BINE/COEN/CEEN/EECE/MEEN 4997/8 (3 c) Senior Design Service Learning Project
Sample Projects
International: Humans powered sanitizer for medical equipment in the developing world; patient transporter for Africa; small scale hydro-powered water purifier for the developing world; anaerobic digester; design of low-cost, multifuel stove; snake identification system.
Local: device to allow for removal or replacement of pants while in wheelchair; prevention of knee bruising from walking on knees; safe device to allow for practicing walking with and walker and/or a harness; electronic charting system for Saturday free clinic.

Engineering service seminar: 0 credits

GEEN 2970 (0 c) Engineering Service Seminar

Completion of these requirements will result in formal recognition of the Engineering Service Concentration on the student’s transcript.

Contact Mr. Chris Perez, Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs, for more information.


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