Undergraduate Research Testimonials and Past Projects


Luke Jung

I received this position after hearing about it from Dr. Mathison, who was my professor for Thermodynamics. The opportunity has allowed me to perform research in an area that I am really interested in. Through the research I have learned a lot about the use of energy in the United States. My research experience was a great opportunity for me to apply some of engineering knowledge to a real-world problem. The time spent doing research was definitely a positive experience and I am grateful that I got the opportunity.



Richard Schroeder

This research opportunity was one of the most interesting and beneficial experiences of my life. As a sophomore heading into my junior year, I began my summer research with very base programming knowledge. Since my project involved mostly programming, I needed to expand my knowledge and develop my skills quickly. Through several hours of interpreting code written by current and previous research colleagues, and through several hours of writing and testing my own code, I was able to not only achieve our research objectives, but also drastically improve my programming knowledge. Writing code, and research in general, can be a challenging and frustrating process; but also a very rewarding one. This research experience was absolutely invaluable to me, by exposing me to these challenges and allowing me to grow not only as a programmer, but as a researcher. If there are any students interested in getting involved in summer research, I would highly recommended introducing yourself to professors who have similar research interests as you. Most professors are happy to talk to students who take the initiative to get involved in research.

Projects 2017

  • Low-cost computer-based system for delay adaptation to reduce intention tremor in persons with Multiple Sclerosis (Dr. Scott Beardsley and Ms. Katherine Ramos Delgado)
  • Electro-active polymers for use in articulation of a prosthetic joint (Dr. Scott Beardsley and Mr. Alex Dums)
  • Clinical testing of an actuated wrist orthosis to improve arm movement in children with Cerebral Palsy (Dr. Scott Beardsley and Mr. Mark Gotthelf)
  • Functional connectivity analysis of brain networks in pediatric tumor patients (Dr. Scott Beardsley and Mr. Efrain Torres)
  • Advanced UV to treat pathogenic microorganisms in drinking water (Dr. Brooke Mayer and Mr. Stephen Hornbeck)
  • The impact of metals from aging drinking water infrastructure on antibiotic resistance (faculty member: Dr. Patrick McNamara)
  • Tracking Passengers and their Luggage in Airport Checkpoints (Dr. Henry Medeiros and Mr. Benjamin Mol)
  • Towards Efficient and Scalable Radiation Solver for Combustion Simulations (Dr. Somesh Roy and Mr. Joseph Farmer)
  • Analysis of Amputee Gait during Indoor and Outdoor Mobility Tasks (Dr. Barb Silver-Thorn and Mr. Jason Hubler)
  • Evaluation of Energy Expenditure During Geared and Standard Manual Wheelchair Mobility in Patients with Spinal Cord Injury (Dr. Barb Silver-Thorn and Mr. Justin Reibe)
  • Pyrolysis Kinetics of Wastewater Biosolids using TGA (Dr. Simcha Singer and Mr. William Kruetter)
  • Utilizing Wide Band-gap Semiconductors in resilient, high power density, and high efficiency power electronic converters (Dr. Nathan Weise, Mr. Timothy Bobeck, and Mr. Gabriel Thalji)
  • A Smartphone Microendoscope for Cervical Cancer Screening (Dr. Bing Yu and Mr. Matt Coughlin)