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4410 British Literature to 1500

4440 Ages of Dryden and Pope 1660-1744


4480 The Modernist Period in British Literature

101 MWF 11:00-11:50 Professor John Boly

Thematic Title: Modern British Literature

Description: The course will apply a range of critical approaches (including but not limited to formalism, Marxism, structuralism, phenomenology, psychoanalytic criticism, and social constructivism) to canonical high modernist texts
Readings: Hardy, Conrad, Sassoon, Rosenberg, Owen, Yeats, Forster, Woolf, Joyce, Lawrence, Mansfield, T. S. Eliot, Beckett.

Assignments: Homework and quizzes, a midterm exam, and two essays.

4510 American Literature to 1798

4560 The Contemporary Period in American Literature: 1945 to Present

4610 Individual Authors

4630 Shakespeare

4710 Studies in Genre:









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