The English faculty at Marquette University are actively engaged in research and publication as well as in teaching and service. Committed to the scholar-teacher model, the faculty believe that university teaching introduces students into the world of the scholar where knowledge is constructed and concepts of academic discourse are formulated, applied, and revised. To demonstrate their commitment to teaching, faculty regularly conduct courses at all levels, from introductory surveys through doctoral seminars.


Full-time faculty

  • Ronald Bieganowski, SJ, Associate Professor. 19th-c American Literature; Rhetoric & Composition.
  • Amy Blair, Associate Professor. 20th-c American Literature; Women's Studies, Literature & Popular Culture
  • M.C. Bodden, Professor. English Linguistics; Medieval Literature, Women's Studies.
  • John Boly, Associate Professor. 20th-c British Literature; Literary Theory.
  • Cedric Burrows, Assistant Professor
  • Gerry Canavan, Assistant Professor. 20th and 21st Century Literature; Popular Culture; Critical Theory
  • John Curran, Professor and Editor of Renascence: Essays on Values in Literature. Renaissance Literature; Shakespeare.
  • Jenn Fishman. Associate Professor. Rhetoric and Composition.
  • Leah Flack, Assistant Professor. 20th-c British Literature, Modernism.
  • Tol Foster, Assistant Professor. American Literature; Native Studies
  • Melissa J. Ganz, Assistant Professor. Eighteenth-Century British Literature and Culture; Law and Literature; Gender Studies; Transatlantic Studies; History of the Novel.
  • Beth Godbee. Assistant Professor. Rhetoric and Composition.
  • Heather Hathaway, Associate Professor and Director of Graduate Studies. American Literature; Immigrant Literature; Ethnic Literature; African-American Studies.
  • Diane L. Hoeveler, Professor. British Romantic Poetry; Gothic Fiction & Drama; Women's Literature;, Catholic & Anti-Catholic Literature; Literature & Psychology.
  • C.J. Hribal, Louise Edna Goeden Professor. Creative Writing: Fiction; Contemporary Fiction.
  • Thomas L. Jeffers, Professor. 19th-c & 20th-c British Literature.
  • Steven Hartman Keiser, Associate Professor. Historical Linguistics; Sociolinguistics; Language Change & Social Identity.
  • Christine L. Krueger, Professor. Victorian Literature & Historical Writing; Literature & Law; Gender Studies; 18th-c & 19th-c Religious Writing by Women.
  • Corinna Lee. Assistant Professor. Twentieth-century American literature, with an emphasis on the pre-WWII period
  • Christopher Maslanka, Visiting Assistant Professor
  • Jodi Melamed, Associate Professor. 20th-c American Literature; Cultural Studies; White Privilege & Critical Race Studies.
  • Rebecca Nowacek, Associate Professor & Director of the Ott Memorial Writing Center. Rhetoric & Composition; Drama.
  • Brittany Pladek, Assistant Professor. 18th-19th Century British Literature, Literature and Medicine, The Western Literary Tradition
  • Krista Ratcliffe, Professor & Chair. Rhetoric & Composition; Feminist Theory; White Privilege & Critical Race Studies.
  • Albert J. Rivero, Professor. Restoration & 18th-c British Literature; Textual Criticism; Women's Studies.
  • Angela Sorby, Associate Professor and Director of First Year English, 19th-c American Literature; American Poetry, Creative Writing: Poetry.
  • John Su, Professor and Director of Core of Common Studies. Contemporary Anglophone Literature; Post-Colonial Literature; Cross-Cultural Studies of Memory & Imagination; Literature & Philosophy.
  • Christopher Wachal, Visiting Assistant Professor.
  • Sarah Wadsworth, Associate Professor and Director of Undergraduate Studies, Colonial and 19th-c American Literature; History of the Book; Gender Studies; Children's Literature.
  • Larry Watson, Visiting Professor. Modern & Contemporary American Literature; Creative Writing.
  • Amelia Zurcher, Associate Professor & Director of the Honors Program. Renaissance Literature; Shakespeare; Women's Studies; Literary Theory; Feminist Theory.
  • Milton J. Bates, Emeritus Professor. 20th-c American Literature; Wallace Stevens, Vietnam War Literature, Environmental Literature.
  • Ed Block Jr., Emeritus Professor. Victorian Literature; Critical Theory, Religion & Literature.
  • Virginia Chappell, Emerita Professor. Rhetoric & Composition.
  • Joseph DeFalco, Emeritus Professor. 20th-c American Literature.
  • Ed Duffy, Emeritus Associate Professor. 19th-c British Literature; Percy Shelley.
  • Michael McCanles, Emeritus Professor. Renaissance Literature.

Adjunct Faculty

  • Claire Barber-Stetson
  • Emily Blaser
  • Rose Both
  • John Brick
  • Kathleen Burt
  • Brandon Chitwood
  • Darek Ciemniewski
  • Jen Collins
  • John Couture
  • Jennifer Dworschack-Kinter
  • Paul Dworschack-Kinter
  • Margaret Erhart
  • Tyler Farrell
  • Donna Foran
  • Jenna Green Azab
  • David Harden
  • Maria Keaton
  • Carol Klees-Starks
  • Jason Nado
  • Stephanie Quade
  • Josh Steffey
  • William (Buddy) Storm
  • Mary Beth Tallon


English Department

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