Both English 1001 and English 1002 focus on critical literacies central to college writing success. Writers practice critical literacy when they bring curiosity, openness, engagement, and creativity to bear on a project, whether they work alone or in cooperation with others. Writers also demonstrate critical literacy through persistence, responsibility, flexibility, and metacognition or critical reflection on their own actions.

English 1001: Academic Literacies invites students to explore critical literacies specific to writing for academic purposes. Distinct from upper-division courses where students may focus on writing conventions specific to a single discipline or subject area, English 1001 asks students to read scholarly writing from across the curriculum, conduct research with a variety of scholarly resources, and write for general academic audiences.

Course materials for English 1001 sample academic writing, including published peer-reviewed scholarship from different disciplines. For major assignments, students have the opportunity to choose their subject area of focus, while honing their ability to write as critical readers capable of explaining to others how academic conversations work. Students also write regular installments of a student learning outcomes (SLO) journal in order to reflect on their engagement with university- and course-specific learning outcomes as well as personal goals, which they set together with their instructors at the start of the semester.  

Course Overview:

Student Learning Outcomes

In English 1001 students work to become proficient at the following activities, which concentrate transferable skills and habits of mind:





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