Both English 1001 and English 1002 focus on critical literacies central to college writing success. Writers practice critical literacy when they bring curiosity, openness, engagement, and creativity to bear on a project, whether they work alone or in cooperation with others. Writers also demonstrate critical literacy through persistence, responsibility, flexibility, and metacognition or critical reflection on their own actions.

English 1002: Public Literacies introduces students to research in action by focusing on critical literacies specific to public writing. In this project-based course, students read, watch, listen to, and analyze public discourse as preparation for identifying a current social problem, researching its evolution, and advocating for a solution in formal writing and a multimodal format suitable for public display at a campus-wide Undergraduate Research Celebration.

Course materials for English 1002 vary widely because they encompass the range of texts that contribute to public discourse, from expert sources to viral videos and gifs. For the major assignment arc, which extends across Units 2-5, students choose the topics and questions they pursue. Doing so invites them to explore how their own interests align with others', while challenging them to conduct inquiry designed to increase understanding and promote ameliorative action. Regular reflective writing balances the intensive focus of this course on research, long-form writing, and remix or repurposing research for alternative modes of presentation. Throughout, students build explicitly on skills and habits of mind introduced in English 1001, while they address new course-specific learning outcomes as well as personal goals set in consultation with instructors at the start of the semester. 

Course Overview:

Student Learning Outcomes

In English 1002 students work to become proficient at the following activities, which concentrate transferable skills and habits of mind:



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