Beth Godbee


Assistant Professor

I entered the field of composition and rhetoric as an undergraduate peer tutor in my college’s writing center. My early tutoring experiences were formative in developing both my research interests and teaching methods, which center around the collaborative writing talk and affiliative relationship-building characteristic of writing centers and community literacy programs (and of tutoring and peer mentoring, more broadly).

Today I study occasions of one-with-one writing talk—occasions that take place regularly in schools, workplaces, homes, and community sites. I am interested in the potential of this talk (and the relationship-building, writing, revision, and rethinking involved) to bring about social change, or more equitable relations, for individuals and members of their social networks. I use applied conversation analysis (CA) to study in-the-moment interactions and take a mixed-method approach, tracing evolutions over time. I ask: what is the role of writing in social change, and how might we better cultivate conditions that bring about equity?

Much of my work—my research, teaching, professional service, and community involvement—is motivated by my commitment to equity in education. In my classroom teaching, this commitment manifests in a focus on inquiry-driven student research that reaches beyond the classroom walls to impact the campus and community. With students, I seek to understand the power of writing—and talk about and around writing—to facilitate personal and social transformations for writers and their communities.

To read some of Beth Godbee's scholarship, preview her SelectedWorks page here.

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