Angela Sorby


Associate Professor

My area of specialization is American poetry: reading it, interpreting it, and writing it. I like to locate poems in their concrete cultural contexts; for instance, one recent article examines the relationship between nineteenth-century avian poetry, bird-watching, and environmental activism.

My current projects are a critical study tentatively titled Amateur Hour: American Poetry at the Margins, 1820-1920; an anthology, co-edited with Karen Kilcup, titled Over the River and Through the Woods: Nineteenth-Century American Children’s Poetry, forthcoming from JHUP; and new poems. I've also recently completed chapters for the Cambridge History of American Poetry, the Cambridge Companion to Emily Dickinson, and the Blackwell Companion to Popular Culture. In the past I’ve published a critical study, Schoolroom Poets (UPNE, 2005), and two collections of poetry: Distance Learning (New Issues, 1998) and Bird Skin Coat (Wisconsin, 2009).


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