Alan Alda (actor, writer)
Russell Baker (journalist)
Dave Barry (humorist)
Carol Browner (Head of EPA)
Gwendolyn Brooks (writer)
Chevy Chase (actor)
Peter Chernin (Pres./COO News Corps)
Mario Cuomo (governor of NY)
Matt Damon (actor)
David Duchovny (actor)
Michael Eisner (Disney CEO)
Jodi Foster (actor, filmmaker)
Harrison Ford (actor)
Kathryn Fuller (World Wildlife Fund CEO)
Dr Seuss, Theodore Geisel (writer)
Cathy Guisewite (cartoonist Cathy)
Chris Isaak (singer/songwriter)
Stephen King (writer)
Michael Lynne (Chair, New Line Cinema)
Paul Newman (actor, philanthropist)
Conan O’Brien (TV host)
Joe Paterno (football coach, Penn State)
Sally Ride (astronaut)
Joan Rivers (comedian)
Richard Rodriguez (writer)
Diane Sawyer (journalist)
Martin Scorsese (filmmaker)
Paul Simon (songwriter, singer)
Steven Spielberg (filmmaker)
Sting (songwriter, singer)
Clarence Thomas (Supreme Ct Justice)
Pete Wilson (governor of CA)
Barbara Walters (journalist)
Bob Woodward (journalist)


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