Writing-Intensive English Minor
Requires 18 credit hours

3220 (Writing for the Professions or Writing for Workplaces)

4210 (Processes of Writing or Writing, Literacy, and Rhetoric Studies)

4220 (Art of Rhetoric or Rhetorical Theories and Practices)

4230 (Writing Center Theory, Practice, and Research)

4250 (Creative Writing–Fiction)

4260 (Creative Writing–Poetry)

4931 (Special Topics, if in writing) or 4932 (Topics in Writing)

4954 (Seminar in Writing or Seminar in Creative Writing)

4986 (Writing Internship)

4995 (Independent Study, if in writing)

4999 (Senior Thesis, if in writing)

41xx (Language Study)

One elective can be chosen from the following:

DGMD 4345 (Advanced Scriptwriting)

THAR 4600 (Playwriting)

JOUR 4110 (Article Writing)

JOUR 4120 (Critical Writing)

JOUR 4160 (Narrative Nonfiction Reporting)

JOUR 4200 (Publications Editing)

JOUR 4360 (Freelance Writing)

JOUR 4500 (Newspaper Design and Production)

JOUR 4510 (Magazine Editing)

NOTE: for Writing-Intensive English minors taking Journalism courses who are not also Journalism majors, ENGL 3210 is required first.

For more information, contact Dr. Amy Blair, Director of Undergraduate Studies, or access Marquette's Undergraduate Bulletin.


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