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The Allyn and Bacon Guide to Peer Tutoring

Table of Contents

About the Authors
Chapter 1: Why we Tutor
Chapter 2: The Writing Process
Chapter 3: The Tutoring Process
Chapter 4: Examining Expectations
Chapter 5: Observing in the Writing Center
Chapter 6: The Mock Tutorial
Chapter 7: Taking Notes
Chapter 8: Tutoring for Real
Chapter 9: Reading in the Writing Center
Chapter 10: Working With ESL Writers
Chapter 11: Discourse Analysis
Chapter 12: On-line Tutoring
Chapter 13: Writing Center Ethics
Chapter 14: Troubleshooting
Recommended Readings
List of Works Cited

182 pages
ISBN: 0-20529766-8

What we think is unique about our book is the presence of tutors throughout the book: there are copies of their reflective papers, tutoring journals, and session transcripts. Theirs are voices that we feel others will respond to well.

We organized the book not according to the stages of the writing process, but according to the structure of tutor training. So there are chapters on how to make mock tutorials effective, on how to make good sense of a session they observe, on how to take good notes.

We feel that reflection on the tutoring process, on their own writing processes, on their attitudes toward one-to-one learning, and on the training process are vital, so we invite them to engage in many different kinds of reflective processes and self-assessments.

The book includes a number of student papers the trainees can practice on. They can read these aloud to one another and practice formulating questions or structuring a session, or they can practice taking notes.

We tried to write the book in such a way that it could be used either with a class, in a small training group, or by individuals learning on their own.



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