Mark Caballero, M.S.

Teaching Laboratory Coordinator
Cramer Hall
Phone: (414) 288-5993

Mark joined the Department of Physical Therapy, Program in Exercise Science at Marquette University in the fall of 2014 after receiving a B.S. from the program in spring of 2014. He helps with VO2max testing, submaximal testing, anaerobic performance testing, body composition and lactate analysis. Mark received his M.S. from Marquette University’s Clinical and Translational Rehabilitation Health Science (CTRH) graduate program in 2016. He focused on team-based aerobic exercise interventions (triathlon, cross-country running, and mountain biking) as a method to engage sedentary, overweight, and obese Latino youth in physical activity.

As a nationally ranked triathlete, Mark enjoys training and competing with high-level athletes as well as coaching age group athletes. He currently helps with the Human Performance Assessment Core (HPAC) to test athletes—ranging from competitive age group athletes to Olympic caliber athletes—and to develop and lead cycling training programs.


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